Table of Contents

Introduction | Tyler McMahon.


Catfish—by Hand, Hook, and Gun
Noodling for Flatheads | Burkhard Bilger
Amazon Sleigh Ride | Keith “Catfish” Sutton
Southern Hospitality | Gene Cabot


Trout and Salmon—Concede and Release
Letting Loose the Salmon | Anonymous
Chasing Trout | Lauran DeRigne
Death and Fishing | Bill Heavey
Backcast | Lou Ureneck


Sportfishing—Danger on the High Seas
Aussie Sleigh Ride | David Finkelstein
Fit to be Tied | Bob T. Epstein
Out of the Blue | Ian Card (with Colin Kearns)
Marlin Catches Man | Mary L. Peachin


Near-Shore Oddities
The Fish Garden | John Struloeff
Crash Course | Mike Lovell (with Dave Hurteau)


A World Away—Exotic Frustrations
The Greatest Fishing Story Ever Told | Scott Carrier
Fresh Mongolian Prairie Dog Bait | Bill Heavey
It Sounds So Much Better When You Say Mal de Mer | Richard Goodman


Lake Fish: Communist Competitions, Pranks, and the Law
The Cuban Classic | Bill Heavey
Fish Fry | Mickey Wright
Appearances | Robert H. Jones
Demolition Northern Pike | Michael Fedo
Fishing Angola | Keith “Catfish” Sutton


Spooled, Scared, and Out of Luck
Getting Spooled | Phillip Gentry
A Manly Sport | John Medeiros
The Summer of Jaws | Kathleen Gerard
Not the Best Fishing Hole | Len Rich
Hook, Line, and Sinker | Bob Burt